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Francisca Griffin Joins Songbroker

Songbroker is very pleased to welcome singer/songwriter Francisca Griffin to the roster.

Francisca Griffin, previously known as Kathy Bull, was bassist, guitarist and vocalist for alternative rock/pop band Look Blue Go Purple from 1983 to 1987. Look Blue Go Purple were a seminal NZ band known primarily for their hit single ‘Cactus Cat’ and recognised as part of the Dunedin Sound.

After LBGP, Griffin joined the band Cyclops with Bruce Blucher (Alpaca Brothers, Trash) Peter Jefferies (Nocturnal Projections, Plagal Grind) & Andre Richardson. 

She has spent the two decades playing music with friends such as Sandra Bell, Peter Jefferies and Shayne Carter and in 1998 she released her debut solo indie pop album, Some From The Sky. On the urging of good friends, Forbes Williams and Tiny Pieces of Eight’s Deirdre Newell, she turned her attention to a new album two years ago.

Keep an eye out for the space between coming soon.

Head to our database to listen to Some From The Sky



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