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Songbroker welcomes Eliana Gray


Songbroker is pleased to announce the signing of Eliana Gray to the roster. Eliana is a Dunedin based songwriter and member of the bands Jaggers X Lines and Certainty.

The magnetic vocal melodies of Eliana woven through the intricate yet minimal production of Morgan Smillie (Ridge Jaggers) make up the musician duo Jaggers X Lines.

The pair create shadowy and spacious trip-pop that extends it's lyrical territory into rarely explored landscapes of mental illness and trauma recovery. Bass heavy confessionals ground addictive drops and dance floor sensibilities.

A friendship forged in Dunedin's small musical community led to their debut Ep 'Letters' being recorded over a few hazy weeks in Morgan's home studio. Morgan's long involvement in the New Zealand hip-hop scene and Eliana's background in indie/alternative bands, combined with their shared love of pop music give Jaggers x Lines their singular sound.

Listen to Jaggers X Lines on the Songbroker database.

Created in a two week rush after Eliana agreed to play a gig with her new band that didn’t exist, folk-pop trio Certainty have carved out a space of wilful earnestness in Dunedin’s vaunted and experimental music scene.

Lush instrumentation, mournful yet transcendent vocal melodies that culminate in cathartic three part harmonies and a sidelong sense of humour about life’s darkest corners are the hallmarks of Certainty’s sound. Taking cues from artists such as early Marika Hackman, Alela Diane and Nadia Reid, twisting them with a decidedly pop focused sensibility and spitting them out into sparse percussion-less arrangements; Certainty tread the line between traditional and odd with grace.

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