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We get a lot of emails and calls from artists about our services. So without further ado… 

Songbroker is a full service publisher specialising in New Zealand music past present and future.  Because we are a publisher we offer our writers the following services:

 - We collect all mechanical royalties from Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming sites in Australasia and worldwide.

 - We collect international mechanical royalties from digital download sites such as iTunes in Australasia and worldwide.

 - We collect on the writer's behalf, all performance royalties from streaming services such as Spotify, radio, TV and live concert performances worldwide.

 - We actively pitch songs to film & TV productions companies and advertising agencies

 - We are publishers of exclusively New Zealand music and we have a comprehensive knowledge of the songs on our roster. 

 - We know it can be a difficult decision for emerging and seasoned writers to sign with a publishing company for a long period of time, hence we offer flexible contracts with straightforward exit terms because we know we do a good job and you will like working with us and know that your songs are in good hands. So why would you leave? 

- We can, with your approval, upload all of your songs (including instrumentals and other songs you might have hidden away)  on to our search engine so people can discover your work. 

- We are all musicians so we understand what you are looking for. If you are not getting royalties then you are not being heard. Songbroker is working towards getting your music heard. 

We are happy to answer any queries about Songbroker practice. Contact us here  or call  Jan or Kate + 64 9 8468846.

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