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Songbroker are thrilled to welcome Jonathan Crayford to the fold.

Crayford is a prolific composer, performer and pianist who spent 20 years honing his craft in New York, before returning to NZ in the naughties to rock the music scene.

Crayford has most recently been living in Europe where he wrote a film/opera, recorded two albums of solo piano music in Spain and a trio album in New York.

Acclaimed as a highly original compositional talent, pianist Jonathan Crayford has been responsible for many film soundtracks, albums, and bands.

As a sideman he has worked with Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Binney, David Murray, Groove Collective, Amp Fiddler, Questlove, Mambo Macoco, Bruno Lawrence and many others.

His most recent project has been the film score for soon-to-be-released remake of the kiwi classic Pork Pie.

Jonathan Crayford