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Songbroker is delighted to welcome Tempist Fujit to the fold.

Tempist Fujit are a dynamic 4-piece rock band from New Zealand. Founded in 2005 by Lisa Walters (Vocals) & Douglas Gordon (Guitars), the band seeks inspiration from such acts as No Doubt, Skunk Anansie, Led Zep, Pink and Creed to name a few.

Their style of music ranges from rock to poetry with powerful vocals & solid guitars, giving them a unique sound.

Their debut self titled EP was released in late 2013 and features tracks 'No More Time' and 'Here I Am' with fellow musicians and longtime friends Dave Reynolds Bass Guitar and the late Cathy Synerdahl Drums. 

We look forward to pitching their music to film and TV.

Tempist Fujit, Songbroker