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'Spit Out the Sun' is DateMonthYear’s first recording to feature the latest line-up of Emma Koretz, Brooke Baker and Tyler Leet, alongside long-standing member Trevor Faville.

The single is actually a cover of Mike Miller's who was the song-writer, guitarist and pianist for Hamilton outfit Tsunami Band, a band prevalent in the city’s music scene between 1989 and 1996.

Michael Miller commission a number of performers to produce covers of his work forming a compilation calledLost on a Highwire.

Lost on a Highwire also features other notable local acts such as Big Muffin with the Te Pahu County Bluegrass Band, Richard Selinkoff, Pete Fountain, and Mark Tupuhi.

DateMonthYear has had a busy 2016. Earlier this year, DateMonthYear handed control over to budding videographers to create a music video for any existing song of their choosing. 

Formed by Faville in 2003, he describes DateMonthYear as a “way of making music”, with the simple aim to create and share. Faville has been the only ‘fixed’ member since the band's inception.

'Spit Out The Sun' is now available on Bandcamp



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