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Auckland indie rockers Tricks & Sleeves are set to release their new album Locked out of Space on September 9th 2016.

Building on the success of their 2013 eponymous e.p.Tricks & Sleeves have created a sophisticated sophomore collection of infectious indie pop offerings housing pure blues-rock undertones.

This album embraces the gamut of 90’s Rock, the broad licks of Jack White and even a few whispering rhythms reminiscent of early Neil Young.

The lead single ‘Cabin Fever’ is no exception. A propulsive rock track written with the likes of Shihad in mind, the song deals with the feeling of helplessness and claustrophobia when crammed into a long haul flight and trying to stay calm, when what’s stopping the plane from breaking up in midair?

‘Cabin Fever’ is available for sale on Bandcamp and all good digital providers.  Pre orders of the album now available on iTunes. Keep an eye out for the accompanying video coming soon.

Listen to 'Cabin Fever' here:

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