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The Prophet Hens are releasing their second album "The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys"  and is available now on Bandcamp via their website.

Jangling guitars, swirling Casio keyboards, melodic bass lines, propulsive drumming and the voices of Penelope Esplin and Karl Bray all combine to deliver 11 songs about hope & despair, joy & regret, ambition & reality, coming together & drifting apart. 

Their 1st album "Popular People Do Popular People" has now been re-issued as a limited edition LP together with UK labels Occultation Recordings and Naive Melody.

Both The Prophet Hens' albums are co-released in the UK/ Europe by Occultation Recordings  so if you live in the UK or Europe you can get them mail-order or from your local record store from 19 August.

Both albums are available now in NZ/ Australia at Fishrider Records' Bandcamp page, and will be in NZ stores from 12 August


The Prophet Hens, Fishrider Records