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Grand Prix were a Wellington band fronted by Andrew McKenzie. They released three Albums on Arch Hill Recordings. The first two albums were comprised of songs where the only subject matter was racing cars. The other band members were Davey Geard, Nato Hickey, and Adam Ladley.

Each Grand Prix album so far has moved forward through roughly a decade of music. At some point the idea came up to start at the beginning [in this case whenabouts blues met bluegrass] and evolve forward again and again, avoiding some of the dead end streets that have happened, and evolve to something they can call our own. 

From bluegrass and country; through rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and surf; to Motown, Roy Orbison and stacks of reverb; Their 2009 release The Speed Of Sound embraces and distills all of their past influences, capturing the basic energy of the band, the rush of testosterone, adrenaline and endorphins that good music should induce.

Listen to and watch the melodic rock track 'Always Beginning' from their 2007 release Terraplane Twighlight here:

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