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Country music singer-songwriter Glen Moffat has shared the stage with such diverse acts as American Cajun star Wayne Toups, Byrds sideman Earl P. Ball, Joe Walsh, Bill Chambers, James Blundell and the Topp Twins. 

His most recent album “Superheroes & Scary Things” features 13 songs by Moffatt and his co-writers and includes contributions from Bill Chambers, Michel Rose, Chet O’Connell and Brendan Radford, among others.

The first single, ‘Don’t Be Surprised’, was released on Australian country radio as part of the July CRS disc while Moffatt’s best known song ‘Somewhere in New Zealand Tonight’ is to be included in an upcoming Sony Music New Zealand country music compilation.

His songs have been included on albums by Bill Chambers, Michael Muchow, Donna Dean, Ritchie Pickett, Kevin Greaves, Darryl Apps and Dennis Marsh.

When did you realise you wanted to make music?

From as early as I can remember, thanks to the John Hore, Ken Lemon and Maria Dallas records of my parents.


 Name two major musical influences and why?

New Zealand songwriter Ritchie Pickett because he was the first to show me you could write about New Zealand. I’d never been to Baton Rouge but I had been to the King Country. Texan Rodney Crowell because of the imagery and economy of his lyrics.


What do you find most challenging about the creative process?

Getting started. That’s the beauty of writing with someone else, you have to get started. If you’re writing by yourself it’s too easy to give up when inspiration is playing hard to get.


 What do you want people to take away from your music?

That’s up to them, I just want them to hear it. The hardest thing in a non-mainstream genre is getting your music heard.


 What’s in the pipeline for 2016?

Hoping to get back to New Zealand for a mini tour early in the year. Looking at recording again later in 2016.

Glen Moffatt