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Songbroker is proud to welcome Ben Tolich AKA Mali Mali to the fold.

Ben Tolich’s earliest forays in songwriting were born from obsession - captivated by songs he loved on skateboarding tapes. Years later, his band Mali Mali emerged - titled in tribute to an affectionate nickname bestowed upon Ben by his Croatian grandfather.

Ben began playing with established bands such as Great North and Artisan Guns before releasing his Brotherly EP. He and his band began to frequent the stage around Auckland and in 2013 released Gather 'round the Gooseclock.

2015 saw Tolich write and record As a Dog Dreams, sorting through the politics of his own mind by way of music. Released in April 2016,  As a Dog Dreams explores uncharted sonic territory for Tolich; it’s rough around the edges, layered and personally edited, wearing its flaws like hard-won scars.  Much like the artists he admires (Sun Kil Moonand Bill Callahan among them), words are important to Tolich and remain a crucial part of Mali Mali’s output.

 “I'm interested in the subconscious and how a song can make sense months/years after writing it,” he says. “I'm interested in nostalgia and beauty and how sounds can take us to a physical location in our imaginations.”

Mali Mali has toured Australia with Jack Carty, shared stages with such international acts as Perfume Genius and Boy & Bear (including playing to a sold out crowd at Auckland’s Powerstation). Tolich also fosters an interest in soundtrack composition, having composed music for the eerie, picturesque video-game "Desolate" by artist Elliot Collis.

Ben Tolich, Mali Mali