Laurence Larson, also known by his Chinese name (罗艺恒), is an Auckland-based singer/songwriter/producer who has made a big name for himself across mainland China’s social media.

Singing in a combination of English and Chinese (Mandarin), his videos – both covers and originals – have received millions of hits on China’s biggest video platforms such as “Youku” and “Music 56”, as well as having over 75,500 individual search results on China’s primary seach engine “Baidu”.

After graduating from Auckland University (2014), with a Bachelor in Popular Music, Laurence is now working on his debut album to further penetrate the Chinese market. With this he also hopes to help build on the already growing cultural relationship between New Zealand and China.

Laurence has had a lot of success with his versatile arrangment skills and ability to tackle any genre, from electronic mainstream production to RnB-style Chinese ballads.

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