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Auckland rockers the Dirty Sweets have just been announced as one of the support acts for Australian action-packed rock and roll band The Hard Ons.

Playing a prehistoric ‘growl rock’ and sounding like the bastard child of the Cramps and Zodiac Mindwarp, the ‘Sweets’ are the twisted brainchild of former Freak Power vocalist/songwriter Paul Edwards and Mary singer/guitarist Dee Dee Taylor. 

Although not as widely known as some classic punk and independent bands, The Hard Ons have carved a niche in the world of punk rock and have assembled a cult following of fans worldwide. They are Australia's most successful independent band, with over 250,000 records sold worldwide and 17 consecutive No. 1 hits on the Australian alternative charts.

The Hard Ons will be supported at the Kings Arms by New Zealand punk royalty Fireshark as well as Raglan band The illicit WahWahz and the Dirty Sweets . Tickets from under the radar

The Dirty Sweets, The Hard Ons