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Songbroker are pleased to announce the signing of Thorazine Shuffle's repertoire to the catalogue.

Thorazine Shuffle were the student radio band of the mid 1990s – brash upstarts poised for bigger success. Their early sound was noisy early-’90s grunge/pop but their best songs aspired towards a more classic 1960s rock sound.

Band members included Josh Hetherington - vocals, guitar, Jules Barnett - drums, vocals, Aaron Carson – bass, Antony McDonald – guitar; as well as members of earlier inceptions of the group, Chris Familton – bass, Blair Miller – drums, Murray Hood – bass, and Mette Dale – flute.

Thorazine Shuffle disbanded in mid 2000, leaving behind a considerable swathe of young NZ music lovers, many of whom seemed to come of age during a period of burgeoning enthusiasm for locally grown music – fuelled by the influence of student radio, independent music channel Max TV, and a bunch of all-ages shows the group were frequently associated with. Fans remember Thorazine Shuffle, and many of their songs and performances very fondly.

The band are still on good terms with one another and they can still be enticed to reform for the (very) odd special occasion!

Thorazine Shuffle