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Songbroker is very pleased to welcome Auckland duo Show Me Where It Hurts to the fold.

Show Me Where It Hurts play big-hearted pop songs, and heavy-hearted torch songs with a light-hearted reverie. They distill 60 years of Maximum R&B through the tight and focused bottleneck only a two-piece can provide, and they glory in the chaos which comes when you tip the bottle over. 

Show Me Where It Hurts (Josh Hetherington - vocals and Rhodes; Ronny Haynes - drums and vocals) are to release their debut, eight-track EP in July 2016 (Boxer/Southbound). 

Recording with Edmund McWilliams (of Bressa Creeting Cake fame) and mixing with Olly Harmer at The Lab the duo have cherrypicked a handful of the tasty tracks from their repertoire. The extended self-titled EP a sweet, swinging, satisfying piece of work, distills four-years of songwriting, arranging and performing into a thirty-minute rumination on matters of the heart, compelling in its sounds, its themes and in its tunes, of which there are plenty. 

Show Me Where It Hurts, Josh Hetherington, Ronny Haynes