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As the onset of winter approaches, Gareth Thomas releases his new video single ‘Gone Cold’, the third from his acclaimed debut solo album Lady Alien.

The release of ‘Gone Cold’ celebrates the international release of the album Lady Alien in April 2015, available now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

‘Gone Cold’ follows a yearning bass vamp anchored in a spacious soundscape which then builds into Jimmy Page territory - delicate and melodic one minute, dark and emotionally raw the next.

The video is the story of a 'sensitive zombie' shot in a dark and beautiful film noir style by director Garth Badger of Thievery Studio. Gareth stars alongside actress Leisha Knox(daughter of one of Gareth's home recording heroes). The zombie makeover was executed by Shay Lawrence, known for his facial prosthetics on 'The Hobbit'.

Gareth cut his musical teeth as a member of Goodshirt, penning some of the band’s biggest hits such as the rather popular single ‘Sophie’.

He still enjoys recording from home and his second solo album Fizzy Milk is due for release in February 2016.

View 'Gone Cold' here: