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Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes have released a new video clip for their single 'Champagne' today, premiering on indie music blog CheeseOnToast.

Video director Alexander Hoyles says the clip is “a tribute to the effect I see the band as having on a venue, whether bar or outdoor festival – they can begin playing to a room with a few casual viewers and within the course of a couple of songs have transformed the space into a enthusiastic mass of dancing and drinking merry makers. With a nod to the musical variety programmes of the golden age of live music in television, the band’s performance at first evokes a reserved, almost tongue-in-cheek feel, as if they realise they are indeed being filmed for their debut video appearance.”

Sal Valentine is currently writing and arranging the music that will feature on the band’s sophomore release. The band intends to record early 2016 and release the same year, with a New Zealand/Australia tour planned later in the year.

The single is also available as a free download via Bandcamp