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The sound of These Automatic Changers (T.A.C.) comes from everywhere and nowhere - it carves a crudely drawn map and embarks on a aural road trip through the shallows of blues music; from 70’s inspired satanic blues, chest thumping Neanderthal rock tone to swaggering proto-swing sneer straight from the archives and catalogues of any vintage and retro lover of rock music. In the past 12 months T.A.C. have supported Pop Will Eat Itself (UK), Uriah Heep (UK),Agent (NZ/UK), Ace Frehley NZ Tour (USA) to rapturous rock audiences. Their personal blend of Stoner Rock, Hard Rock and Psychedelic Blues has proven to be a hard hitting and formidable live experience for lovers of amplitude and blues-based rock\'n\'roll. They released their first full length album "Have Mercy' in 2014. 

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