Jarrod jumped into the NZ Music scene in early 2000, as a member of indie rock band Pan Am. They were signed to Flying Nun and quickly earned a reputation as one of the best live acts in the country.

From there Jarrod went on to write and record an album under the name Riverborn Magicians and had several songs on high rotation on the radio, one of which made the Kiwi FM top 10.

Moving to London in 2005 he formed the band Valedictions, and wrote a plethora of songs to add to his portfolio.

On return to NZ in 2009, he introduced Valedictions to the public with a string of live shows, including the Big Day Out 2010 with the band’s songs receiving widespread radio play across the country.

Writing and recording music is Jarrod’s craft and passion. He is currently writing an album with Valedictions as well as a personal project that encompasses multiple music styles.

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