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Aroha17 Dance Season

2 Maori dance acts take to the stage for Closing Night of Aroha17 Festival of Ideas, premiering two contemporary works by skilled choreographers and performers:

‘an attempt at sense
(a word I keep referring to around improvisation).

Intuition, perhaps the first obvious tool inside a creative exploration, but is there a pattern to our intuition? at times it feels so, how then can we really explore this? there is suspicion in intuition… In this short development gut feeling is the only choice to take, intuition becomes construction. Nice obvious qualities are explored as movers within this word, intuition invokes something instinctive, there is speed and desire to understand' - by Eddie Elliott

“Mendes interprets myself discovering a new part of my genealogy, channelling the love that has created me. A journey through my whakapapa to present day as-piring to clutch the hands of my foregone ancestors. Mendes touches base on my most recently discovery” - by Kasina Campbell.

Part of the Mika Haka Foundation Aroha17 festival of ideas; the quirkiest arts festival New Zealand’s ever seen, jam-packed this summer with films, interactive web and TV series, limited time online season of shows. We’ve got R&B, cabaret, pop, soul and Te Reo music and contemporary dance world premiere performances, clubbing & house parties, plus diversity events; all are welcome!