Hailing from Aotearoa New Zealand and an APRA award winning member and world music artist, Riqi Harawira creates a style of music he calls Maori fusion - an indigenous infused blend of Spirit Rock, Reggae, Alt Folk from the South Pacific.

A prolific songwriter, his songs are globally conscious, thought provoking and highly danceable. His shows are dynamic and uplifting with the intention to bring people together.

Riqi writes from the heart and believes that music has the power to heal and is a positive force for good.

Through a unique combination of melodic lead rock guitar, voice box, vocals, loop station and traditional Maori instruments (Nga taonga puoro), Riqi performs solo with loop-station or with his band, creating a modern sound that blends traditional and contemporary indigenous Maori music with Spirit Rock, alt folk and reggae.

As a guitarist first and foremost Riqi's music is influenced by guitar legends Santana, Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, Prince and Peter Frampton to name a few.

In 2016 Riqi released his new album, Sound of the Long White Cloud - a 10-track ensemble containing 7 singles of traditional indigenous Maori waiata blended with modern acoustic earthy folk, reggae and funk influences from around the globe.

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