'Manzo' is the musical alias of Wellington artist Alan Hodgetts.

With a background in visual art, he has never been shy about trying out different mediums or materials to communicate his ideas and observations.  In 2015, as a creative concept, he produced a CGI animation ‘Make Peace and Love’ along with an associated soundtrack.   After this he continued composing and producing music, bringing his compositions together into his debut album ‘Ultramarine’.  Each track on ‘Ultramarine’ is the result of a musical experiment. On 15 January 2016 the album was released and entered the IMNZ charts at No 8.

Applying himself in the very same way he does with his art - rather than visual collages Manzo creates musical collages, some abstract, some literal.   Refusing to be boxed in to one particular style, this approach is reflected with the fusion of genres including pop, alternative, electronic, hip hop and more. 

Manzo is new to the music scene, and can offer a fresh outlook and experimental approach to composing and producing. 

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