Will Saunders


Will Saunders


Will Saunders is a musician based in Auckland New Zealand. After making music during 8 years in London, recording and performing with his band Siren, a return to NZ saw further writing, recording and forming The Quick and The Dead who played around NZ and recorded E.P Destroy The Obstacle at The Craft Shop, and E.P Heartbreak 365 with producer Bob Frisbee.

Will released his debut album Curious Maladies on Deadboy Records in 2011. Will opened for international acts Kitty Daisy and Lewis (U.K), Saxophonist Bobby Keys (Rolling Stones, John Lennon, George Harrison) Jason Webley (U.S) as well as many NZ acts including local legends Doug Jerebine, Shaft, and Billy T.K.

After his band Bearhat ceased playing, his second solo album Love Is For Others was released online as well further singles and E.P’s.

Will helped to form The Lowest Fidelity in 2014, recording tracks for their album This Is The Life with Bob Frisbee which was self-produced and released 2015. The Lowest Fidelity have often opened for local acts in NZ, as well as The Reverend Horton Heat (U.S) and garage legends Fred & Toody Cole (Dead Moon U.S)

In 2017, Will released his third solo album, Hopeful Objects. Solo gigs and recordings continue, and The Lowest Fidelity will be seeing in 2018 with a gig at The Kings Arms as part of The Gunslingers ball.


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