Seven female Māori writer/directors and one writer/director pair have collaborated to bring 8 vignettes, presented as continuous shots, that unfold around the tangi of a young boy, Waru.

The vignettes are all subtly interlinked and each follows one of 8 female Māori lead characters as they come to terms with Waru's death and try to find a way forward in their community.

“Waru” premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival on September 10. The film is co-directed by Briar Grace-Smith, Renae Maihi, Casey Kaa, Awanui Simich-Pene, Chelsea Cohen, Katie Wolfe, and Paula Jones.

Waru is set for release in NZ on October 18th. For more information head to their Facebook Page.

The film trailer features the beautiful song Matariki written by  (A Tikao / L Glen). Watch the Waru trailer here,