Rum-Cove, A dexterous or clever rogue (Dictionary of thieving slang, 1737).

 The new sound of Maximum Rock n Soul! Like British invasion played through a battered Vox AC30 in a dirty little club in Santiago by a bunch of punks.

Born in the laboratory from the DNA of The Kinks, The Sonics, Dr Feelgood and The Buzzcocks , Thee Rum Coves come blasting into your lounge like a sputnik of joy. There’s something for the punks, something for the soul boys n girls and something for the rockin’ rockabillies.  

An international collective hailing from London, Auckland and Santiago, Thee Rum Coves is Jake Harding, Tomas Marin, Jimmy Christmas and Treye Liu, and on the self-titled album includes the vocal contribution of Kendall Elise. The band’s collective experience covers such bands as The D4, Dion (Chile) and Luger Boa, not to mention a plethora of drunken covers bands, one night stands and other intriguing experiments. 

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