The Catch

The Catch 

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The Catch 2017 - Soundtrack by Greg Johnson

A Scotsman, a Maori and an Englishman enter a fishing contest... How far will they go to win?

Fishing comedy/drama based on a true story about two mates in a Kaipara Harbour fishing contest who end up being blackmailed when caught cheating.

The Catch tells the story of mates Brian and Wiremu who are up against the ruthless professional fishermen. Brian's life is in turmoil, recently divorced and in extreme financial difficulty, so he can't believe his luck when a large snapper falls into his hands days before the contest. Wiremu is dead set against the idea, but things get complicated when Marcus enters the picture and attempts to blackmail Brian. There's a lot on the line when added to Brian’s dilemmas is the arrival of a new romantic 

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