Tempist Fujit




TEMPIST FUJIT, a play on the Latin word “Tempus Fugit” meaning “Time Flies”, are a 4 piece Dynamic Rock Band from New Zealand. Founded in 2005 by Lisa Walters (Vocals) & Douglas Gordon (Guitars), lineup consists of Drums, Bass, Guitar & Female Vocals.

“We share allot of Styles in our songwriting process”

Genres range from Rock to Poetry with Powerful Vocals & Solid Guitars. This gives them their own Unique Sound and Place in the Music Industry.

Their debut EP features tracks 'No More Time' and 'Here I Am' with fellow musicians and longtime friends Dave Reynolds Bass Guitar and the late Cathy Synerdahl Drums. Also featured is 'Ain't Your Business' produced by Ben Garden, Sydney Australia, with Bonus Track 'No More Time' Unplugged, recorded at DL Studio's New Zealand.