Herriot Row

Herriot Row is the musical moniker of Auckland, New Zealand-based songwriter Simon Comber, who has previously released 2 L.Ps and an E.P under his own name.

His new album Lesser Stars sees Comber continue to test the limits of what can be written about in a folk song.

The lead single "Learning Not to Talk", released as a 7" vinyl on Record Store Day in 2016, captures a single moment in time, a minor epiphany in which the intimacy of shared silence dawns on the narrator.

"The Usual Business" does a 180 degree turn about and beyond the city at twilight, peeking into the lives of preachers, prisoners, sailors, singers and more, in one of Comber’s most accomplished narratives to date.

"Beautiful and Harmless" is an infectious love song sung by a decidedly unreliable narrator.

"The Beggar" follows the ghost of early 20th century New Zealand poet R.A.K Mason out to the edge of Auckland’s Queens Wharf where, as the story goes, Mason hurled many un-bought volumes of his debut collection into the sea.

John Vanderslice’s defiantly straight-to-tape production brings the new album closer to the warmth and fragility of Herriot Row’s compelling live shows.

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