Aaron Carpenter & The Revelators - Never Hungry Long - written by Aaron Carpenter

Andy Richards - Queen - written by Andrew Richards

Apollo SteamTrain - Nothing Stupid, The Electric Sun - written by Brendan McCarthy

Calico Brothers - Weight Around My Heart, God Left Town, Always Said I'd Do, Up For Air, Tell It To The Sun, Stay - written by Andrew Thorne, Andrew Thorne & Wayne Bell

Eva Prowse - My Lover

Gareth Thomas - Don't Stop, Some Teachers, So Unbelievable - written by Gareth Thomas, Gareth Thomas & Amelia Murray

Kurt Shanks - These Are the Days, We Shall Have Another Day - written by Kurt Shanks and Wayne Bell

The DeSotos - Greedy Men, Lonely Star, Fat Mans Lodge - written by Paul Gurney, Stuart McIntyre/Jan McIntyre, Stuart McIntyre/Jan McIntyre

Tricks & Sleeves - Lose - written by Gareth Van Nierkirk

Barebones and Cabaret - Skins - written by Matthew Schobs

Black River Drive - Quicksand - written by Samuel Browne

Coach - I Have Two Shadows written by Abraham Kunin

Eden Iris - Blue Home - written by Eden Roberts

Eyreton Hall - Lovelessly - written by Andrew Keegan

Jackie Bristow - River, Crazy Love - written by Jackie Bristow

Kiri Eriwata - I Love You But - written by Kiri Eriwata

Radioglo - All The Same - written by Gene Bennett and Heath Watson

The Gary Harvey Band - Ground Zero - written by Gary Harvey

The Roulettes - Baby It's Fine, Glitter Guitar - written by Justin McLean/Ben Grant/Mark Queenin, Justin McLean/Ben Grant