With over 30 years of writing and live performance experience Reg Keyworth has developed a signature style that has truly made his mark.

Collaborating with many prominent Artists in NZ and abroad he has honed his craft through this time working within different genres of music

To date he has had modest success with his music charting internationally including several overseas Artists covering his songs.

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Starting his career originally in NZ he moved to Australia where he resided for many years writing and playing in the original band circuit where he then moved to the United States focussing on his solo work.

As a guitarist foremost during this time he was recognised by the Gibson Guitar Corporation where he represented their brand in the US and UK allowing him to further work alongside some well known names in the industry.

Returning back to NZ after this time away Reg settled back in North Auckland where he built his studio facility the Mojo Room and worked further on new music and mentoring budding writers and musicians.

He presently lives between NZ and the Gold Coast in Australia.