Modern Chair are the Bill Nighy of rock;

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Snappy dressing creative veterans who after years on the periphery are now being celebrated for what they do. What they’ve always done in some form or another...  

Between them, Chair members Wayne Bell and Andrew Thorne have played on the albums and in the touring bands of New Zealand rock royalty. Tim Finn, Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga & Gin Wigmore to name a few.

Both are now studio owners and each have a long list of television, commercial and session work to their credit. "But that’s not necessarily real music” says Thorne “Music to me is doing things purely because you like the noise. A Les Paul through some Fuzz pedal into an old AC30 melting your face just feels good”..  

Bell continues “We wanted to do something big and driving and something that sounded a bit 'dumb' for want of a better term.

If called upon both of us can play some fairly fiddly stuff on our respective instruments but at this stage that’s pretty much redundant. What’s ultimately satisfying is a groove, a melody that gets stuck in your ear and a band that makes you feel like you’ve arrived home”.

Thorne: "There are Korean 9 year olds on youtube that can play better than I’ll ever be able to, I’ve long since given up caring. Again, to me, that’s not music that’s about being impressive. It’s a parlour trick.

The modern age seems to be about celebrating individuals in ‘art’. I’d like to think Modern Chair is about celebrating the art in individuals". 

The Modern Chair has been described as "a dirty deranged beautiful stomp of a song, fuzzy vocals and an onslaught of scuzzy bass and guitars laying down a relentless track with shouty choruses..” (

"If that’s a check-list, I’ll take it !" says Bell.  

Following last year's 'Tokyo Compression' suite of singles the band have recently released a 3 track EP of new material entitled 'Can't Look Back'.

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