Auckland based indie rock band Mecuzine play with attitude, honesty and raw, unrelenting energy.

Decades of performing, touring and recording nationally and abroad makes these five musicians a formidable combination - each with their own story to tell from their time with various bands including Hello Sailor, National Anthem, The Cure, Shade, Child and First Base to name a few. 

Combine their experience with solid song-writing, subtle arrangements and diverse musical influences and you have a band well worth listening to.

Mecuzine are set to release their debut single ‘Don’t Fire That Gun’ next month, the first track from their forthcoming album Cutting Strings, due out 13 July 2018.

Mecuzine is:

Tony Johns (T) – songwriter, lead vocals, lead guitar

John Beech – keyboards and more

Mike Walsh (Mad Dog) – drums

Tony Lumsden (Lummo) -  bass and BVs

Joseph Johns – rhythm guitar and BVs