Social commentary through art is a developing interest to me. My observations of our modern world, particularly human vices, folly and artifice provide a lot of material for my work. My work is direct and I don’t need to write a thesis to explain it. For me, art has to be challenging but more importantly it has to be accessible.
— Alan Hodgetts


'Manzo' is the musical alias of Wellington artist Alan Hodgetts. His 11 track debut album 'Ultramarine' was released on 15 January 2016 and entered the IMNZ charts at No 8. 

Manzo's second studio album ‘Outsider’ has been a real step up in terms of production techniques. Featuring a range of talented guest vocalists and musicians who have been drawn into the ‘Manzo web’, creating a community of talent and feeding the energy and expectations for the album.

eleased on 2 September 2017, Outsider entered the NZ album charts at #8, #2 on the Heatseeker charts and #2 on the indie album chart (Independent Music New Zealand).

With a background in visual art, he has never been shy about trying out different mediums or materials to communicate his ideas and observations.  In 2015, as a creative concept, he produced a CGI animation ‘Make Peace and Love’ along with an associated soundtrack.   After this he continued composing and producing music, bringing his compositions together into his debut album ‘Ultramarine’.  Each track on ‘Ultramarine’ is the result of a musical experiment.

In addition to ‘Make Peace and Love’, Manzo has created further videos for the album tracks ‘Insane’ and ‘Rapbot’, with more in development.

Applying himself in the very same way he does with his art - rather than visual collages Manzo creates musical collages, some abstract, some literal.   Refusing to be boxed in to one particular style, this approach is reflected with the fusion of genres including pop, alternative, electronic, hip hop, reggae and more. 

Brought up in a musical household, his mum was a concert violinist, Manzo’s first love was the drums and percussion instruments, and these feature heavily in his music to date.

His musical ‘coming of age’ was in the 1980s, particularly influenced by living in the UK during that decade, and this is reflected in his work, often giving it a distinctly ‘retro’ feel. 

‘Manzo’ is signed to Wellington record label Southern Collective Music.

‘Manzo has an eclectic, experimental style, combining a variety of instruments into vocal genres that are out-of-the-norm. The timing and instrument choices are spot-on and create a unique aggregate that is invigorating to listen to. The standout track is that of Loco. With a piano/violin introduction, and stark, polarizing spoken vocals, the track comes off like a modern Pink Floyd; erratic, unconventional and distinctive. An unexpected treat’ on Outsider

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