Leatherhead are a four piece powerhouse from Waiheke Island, New Zealand, decanting the essence of rock into its constituent parts and reassembling it with 100% more juice and less sugar. 

Despite the isolation of island life is not an insular musician by any stretch. Mooney was guitarist for David Vanian, the lead singer of British punk legends The Damned, in Vanian's acclaimed side-project David Vanian & The Phantom chords.

Leatherhead's writer and vocalist Bede Taylor is a well known contributor to Waiheke Island's musical tapestry having supplied the lyrical stitching for a number of local bands (Three Legged Horse, Clendch, Tank and Pump) as well as his own numerous solo releases. 

Add to this already considerable local talent, Moik Brennan (Oyawa, Tank & Pump) on bass and skinman, Carl Blutner (Loose Trigger) and the sound of Leatherhead has quickly outgrown the shipping container practice space it was born into. 

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