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Songbroker Song of the Day : The Cakekitchen - 'Strung Out'

The Cakekitchen was founded in 1989 as a duo of Graeme Jefferies and Robert Key and in 1990 as a trio with Key and Rachael King.

The Cakekitchen released their first EP through Flying Nun Records. Two songs stood out on the release; the oblique, hard-edged Dave The Pimp and the sparkling Witness To Your Secrets.

After relocating to London in 1990, Jefferies and the band went through various reincarnations which led to a string of albums throughout the 90's and noughties including Put Your Foot Inside The Door in 2005, featuring the featured track 'Strung Out'.

Reviewer Simon Sweetman referred to Jefferies' voice as " a disquieting murmur at times, breaking off to accent itself with baritone asides, bass hiccups that punctuate his flow – is something all his own. And wonderful. But then – you’d expect that. For no one else is writing songs like this – they deserve the sort of idiosyncratic treatment he affords them”.

The Cakekitchen, Graeme Jefferies