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Thanks for dropping in. 

Songbroker was launched September the 1st 2014 by Aeroplane Music Services to represent New Zealand songs and provide a better service to both New Zealand musicians & songwriters and content makers who appreciate and prefer to license local music.

After a year of finding our feet and building relationships with hundreds of talented people, we thought it was time for Songwriter to move into its own place.

So here we are!

Frankly, we’ve been really delighted by the interest in Songbroker and the enthusiastic support from the New Zealand music community.

If you’re not familiar with Songbroker and what we do, here’s what we do.

Songbroker is a new resource for the NZ production industry. We aim to be the go-to place for anyone wanting access to New Zealand music, for any use - TV shows, advertising, online content, films, whatever.

Songbroker has an abundance of original, New Zealand music on tap - thousands of songs and instrumentals across all genres and musical styles.

Our catalogue is easy to clear, and we also offer access to bespoke composition from a roster of over 50 local music producers.

We will do whatever it takes to find the perfect piece of music, for any job, big or small.

We’ll take this chance to say thanks - on behalf of all our artists and artisans - to all the local businesses and production companies who have supported New Zealand music during the past year.

Wishing you a smooth end to 2015, a happy holiday, and a prosperous New Year.

Kind regards

Jan Hellriegel and Meghan Glue