Mark Kenington is an indie pop/rock musician hailing from the historic town of ‘Camulodunum’ Colchester in the UK.

Kenington grew up listening to his mother playing the baby grand and wearing out old ELO and Adam and the Ants LPs.

Moving to NZ in 2004, Kenington adopted the Kiwi ‘give it a go’ attitiude and took up singing, guitar and piano lessons. He honed his songwriting skills and began frequenting open mic evenings.

A chance meeting with Mike Chunn put Mark in touch with award winning producer and engineer Andrew Buckton (Midnight Youth, Steriogram, Ekko Park, Head Like A Hole, The D4). What started as a vague idea of making an EP turned into a full album project and well and truly planted the music making seed.

Mark writes honest, reflective songs of a timeless nature wrapped in lush, catchy melodies. Songs that often mix a positive vibe with a darker and deeper lyrical message.

Kenington’s debut album Going Nowhere (Faster Than You) is due for release in early 2017.

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