The ever endearing, sweet and straight-talking Katie Thompson has just released her 3rd studio album ‘Bittersweet’.

We’ve got the mighty Southern Alps and the rugged Tasman Sea Hidden between the two is where you’ll find me.’

Aside from confirming that she remains fiercely proud to be labelled a West Coaster, those lyrics from Katie Thompson’s 2019 album, ‘Bittersweet’, seem a suitable metaphor for the accomplished and versatile New Zealand country singer/songwriter.

First coming to the music world’s attention in 2009 with the release of her debut album, ‘Tall Poppy’, Katie has achieved plenty since. Her talent recognised by Global Rockstar, the Hokitika native was flown to Vienna to write and record with other artists from around the world. And she has shared the stage with pop royalty as opening act for Sir Elton John, not to mention playing at the Woodstock Hotel on numerous occasions.

Released back in 2011, her second album was titled ‘Impossible’, in reference mainly to the every-woman challenge of finding a good man. A live EP followed a few years after, but since then life has somehow got in the way of a third studio recording. Marriage, moving to Christchurch, starting a family... those sort of things that life brings.

So it is that 2019 sees the release of Katie Thompson’s third album, ‘Bittersweet’, and a return to the spotlight for the sweet-voiced country music star.

‘Bittersweet’ includes songs that make a link between her own childhood experiences and those of her daughter, connections to the land and landscapes, the everyday challenges we all face, and the more songwriter-specific panic of writing ahead of a 3 week-long studio booking.

Award winning producer Ben Edwards shared a vision for her songs and the album was recorded at The Sitting Room in Lyttelton, with the added input of a crack team of collaborative musicians. The result is an unpretentious confidently personal release that adeptly covers many qualities that draw fans to classic country music; the instruments, the range of tempos and moods, the lyrical honesty of life’s mixed emotions laid bare.

The title ‘Bittersweet’ itself encapsulates Katie’s ongoing journey of being a performer and a mother, alongside the many different kind of challenges that life’s journey has provided friends, family – and in the case of the album’s lead single, Alcohol And Pills, numerous fallen music heroes.

“I’ve definitely lived a life since I wrote the songs for ‘Impossible’”, reflects Katie.

“I was young and pretty naive when I recorded that album, with few real experiences to talk about. Life has happened since, good and bad, and this new album reflects just that. It Ain’t Easy, as the last track says!”

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