Jonathan Crayford


Jonathan Crayford


Jonathan Crayford is an award winning pianist, multi-instrumentalist and film composer from New Zealand. Immersing himself in the New York scene, Jonathan worked with notable musicians honing his talent in the genres of jazz, latin jazz, funk and classical music. His success has enabled him to work with Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Binney, Mambo Macoco, Groove Collective, Barney McAll, David Murray, Tony Allen, Questlove, Macy Gray, Bobby Carcasses (Cuba) and many others internationally. His last two (trio) albums feature Ben Street and Dan Weiss.


Having an original approach to composition, Jonathan has been involved in many film soundtracks, albums, and bands. As a film composer he has written for directors/producers Geoff Murphy, Gaylene Preston, John Laing, Lynton Butler, Larry Parr, Don Reynolds, Juliet Dowling and Matt Murphy. Most recently Jonathan has composed the original music for the feature film Pork Pie.


He’s an artist embedded so deeply within his music that his persona reflects in those terms. It’s as if he were the embodiment of sonic shapes and forms.’
John Fenton

'This is the kind of piano I totally relate to: exploratory, thoughtful, soulful, focused. Those qualities are all sort of contradictory, or at least contrasting, which is why this kind of work is meaningful: because it is multi-dimensional.'
Thomas Conrad critic for Jazz Times

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