Jay Clarkson is an established songwriter and performer (Singer and guitarist) with almost 30 years composing and recording experience. She has had albums released through labels such as Flying Nun, Arclife, Arch Hill and Zelle Records. Clarkson is an accomplished guitarist, both electric and accoustic, and this is often a major element of her songs. She is also considered to be a singer with a distinctive, soulful voice.

Jay Clarkson's catalogue includes solo albums and band albums. All songs available here - instrumental and otherwise -   are written by Clarkson.

Jay Clarkson continues to perform several times a year in NZ and overseas (Scotland early 2016 and NYC 2012. In Aug 2016 she performed and spoke at the Christchurch WORD festival as part of a Flying Nun evening hinged round Roger Shepherd'sautobiography In Love With These Times.  Her album SPUR was released in 2016 and has received very favourable reviews (Nick Bollinger, William Dart). She was recently on Kim Hill for a chat and performed a song from SPUR.

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