Music has held a place in the hearts of Invercargill natives, Liv McBride and Graeme Woller since childhood.

Liv’s mum was a theatrical singer and had a karaoke machine hence her childhood was filled with an amazing mix of Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof, bad karaoke and rock n roll.  Graeme’s family had a fondness for country and western LPs that most certainly rubbed off on him.

 After honing their singing and songwriting skills through their teens and twenties, and realizing music was a calling, not just a hobby, McBride and Woller serendipitously crossed paths, and the 9-year collaboration that is Into The East was born.

Into The East’s sound is inspired by Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, The Beatles, The Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams, Laura Marling& Josh Ritter with some Queen and Simon & Garfunkel harmony thrown in. 

Into The East’s 2013 debut album Fight From The Inside was produced & engineered over a 15-month period but in essence is the culmination of their 9-year musical partnership. Recording took place in spaces as diverse as Liv's wardrobe, Graeme's hallway, a Community Radio Station & an independent project studio.

Kudos for Fight from the Inside:

“There is music that charms and there is music that makes demands, and occasionally there is music that haunts. Into the East's startlingly assured debut album does all three.”

5 stars Chris Chilton, Southland Times

“He's as sweet as she can be ballsy in an emotionally cohesive batch of songs that serve as internalised meditations on the ups and downs of life and love”

4.5 stars Mike Alexander, Sunday Star Times

 “Into The East mixes gentle finger-picked folk (How Could I Have Known, Old Man In A Fog) with clanky, rustic Americana (the title track) and slightly more free-form strains of the "auld country" (Mullum), all the while focusing on their strengths: warm, sweet harmonies, lyrics lacking cliches and understated yet slick guitar-playing”.

4 stars Shane Gilchrist, Otago Daily Times

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