Heavy Blarney


Heavy Blarney takes traditional Celtic tunes and songs, adds some original compositions, and throws in a hefty dose of heavy electric guitar. Seasoned eccentric Palmy performer Bing Turkby's Irish tenor banjo takes centre stage, along with whistles, fiddle, and electronic bagpipes by award-winning multi-instrumentalist Paul Turner (Ceol Manawatū, Wild Geese). Adam Crawford (Bill Hickman, Winsome Lost) contributes powerful drums that propel the proceedings into the swampy aether.

The new album 'From Bog To Swamp' is themed around the journey of Bing's ancestors from the peat bogs of Ireland to the swamp of Te Papaioea (Palmerston North). As the album progresses, the focus moves from Ireland to Aotearoa, via songs such as “Sinister Path”, which examines the shared experience of colonial oppression in Ireland (the Doolough Famine Walk) and Aotearoa (events at Parihaka), and finishing with “Pepeha”, with lyrics which were gifted to us by Tahi Gotty, a really great teacher of te reo Maori.