Harry Parsons




“When I write I try to emulate my thoughts and feelings with raw, honest imagery. My musical influences lead me to create a deep, flowing spring of sparkling, yearning melodies and subtle driving rhythms to float and dream in.”

Harry Parsons was born in Dorset, England but grew up in Cambridge, New Zealand.

Parsons grew up surrounded by music – his Dad playing in orchestras and jazz bands and his sister, a folk musician. By age 10 Parsons knew he wanted to make music also.

Harry writes smooth, soul infused folk with alternative pop influences. 

Musical highlights for Harry include winning the Solo/Duo category of Rockquest 2013 with his song ‘Home’, playing the half time slot at a Chiefs versus Lions rugby game and opening for roots/rock band Strangely Arousing.

Parsons’ Lost EP was released in 2015, which led to a signing with NZ publisher Songbroker.

Parsons is now working on his forthcoming album featuring his latest single ‘Exoskeleton’ - out now and available from iTunes and on Spotify.

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