Greer Bell


While Greer enjoys writing and composing for a range of fields/spheres she don’t always relate to the boxes that may come with being a Christian artist, her greatest joy is writing and releasing songs that move hearts towards the bullseye that is Jesus. She feels it is her ‘job’ as an artist to remain vulnerable, honest and authentic if she is going to have any kind of lasting or transformative impact. The creative arts are so powerful in that they bypass the intellect and hit the center of the heart, accelerating healing and wholeness.

Her (musical) journey began in 2006. Greer spent some time performing with two local bands in and around Cape Town, before slowly breaking out on her own. During this time, Greer had the privilege of opening for a range of acts, including Cofield Mundi and Wendy Oldfield. She left the music scene in 2009, to work in the counter-human trafficking field with a focus on child protection, victim assistance and network co-ordination. In May 2012, Greer shifted her focus back to music in her spare time and released her first professional album, Fire Lily, in November 2013. Fire Lily blends folk pop, acoustic rock, cinematic ballads and celtic folk and is available on iTunes.