Gavin Burgess

Gavin Burgess

Gavin Burgess is a songwriter/composer, multi-instrumentalist, and studio engineer/producer who has journeyed through the musical landscape, drawing on diverse influences across multiple genres, encompassing (but not limited to) Lo-Fi Indie Pop, Jazz-Grunge, Progressive Rock, and even Baroque Counterpoint.

“Burgess’ background includes compositional study, which allows him to deftly add orchestral flourishes to his rock roots” – Bing Turkby (New Zealand Musician)

Gavin explains that this style-hopping stems from a reluctance to define himself based on genre alone. “I’m more interested in exploring all musical styles and seeing how I can mix and blend these influences.”

Gavin cut his teeth as bassist in Whanganui band Top Secret, who performed throughout the North Island in the early 90s and recorded a small collection of original material, including several Burgess compositions.

Departing Top Secret, Burgess began recording demos of his original songs. Relocating to Auckland, he recorded with fellow Whanganui ex-pat Phil Fahey and Gary Wahrlich of the Quintikis, and engineered at Edwina Thorne’s Gazelle Studio.

In ’94 he returned to Wanganui and gigged briefly with the Christian Rock outfit Under Construction before assembling the first line-up of The Gavin Burgess Band (AKA The G B Band). Personnel changed over subsequent years but mainstays were drummer Neville Messent and guitarist David Rogerson.

Recording continued at Whanganui’s Sasquatch Studio, with both the G B Band and members of Under Construction. The song ‘When Alice Dances’ was culled from these sessions and released on 1998’s ‘Muster – Whanganui Compilation’.

In 1999 Gavin relocated to Wellington, where he performed as a solo artist, set up the Gavland record label and studio, and studied composition under Clive Cockburn.

In 2004 he released the retrospective CD ‘Demos N Jams’ and the EP ‘Sasquatch Sessions’ (four more of the G B Band tracks recorded there in the late nineties).

A single and an EP produced with Daemon Drink were released in 2010 and another retrospective, 'The Mother Back To Strong Down' was released in 2012.

Gavin also ran the ‘Gavland’ internet radio website hosting a 100% NZ content internet radio program (from its inception in 2002 until its demise in 2011), and was resident engineer at Wanganui's Sasquatch Studio from 2006 until 2013.

In 2012 The Gavin Burgess band briefly reunited, with the line-up of Burgess, Simon Shaw, Messent, and Rogerson, performed a handful of gigs, and recorded ‘The Girl On Hospital Hill’ (included on the album The Mother Back To Strong Down). The band expects to work on new material and perform again in late 2018.

In 2014 Gavin released the EP, ‘The Only Constant’, playing most of the instruments himself, and guesting drummer Neville Messent, and the Elios String Quartet.

May 2018 (NZ Music Month) saw the release of the single ‘I Digress’ by Gavin’s side act ‘300 Llamas’.

Also released in May 2018, the first single from Gavin's next solo album ‘In Which Aktaeon Is Torn Asunder b/w (You Won’t Bring Me) Down/Celebration’ heralded the album 'Sophia's Child' - scheduled for release at the end of the year.