A sense of yearning and relentless wonderment is shown throughout Elcee’s songs, best shown in her pseudonym where her initials are hidden as if asking the listener to crack a code or perhaps reflect their attention to the lyric or message.

Laura has been singing since she was five years old, but started writing music at the age of sixteen. Her vocals are perhaps the most distinctive feature which sit halfway between Kate Bush and Feist. It is her constant sense of story that is at the centre of Elcee’s music, drawn to the lyrical depth and soul of Joni Mitchell but also influenced by current electronic infused bands like WET and London Grammar.  With a wistful tone Elcee weaves intricate and emotive lyrics into a landscape of pop, electronica and folk.

Within the songs Elcee is immersed by her environment, often mirroring areas of her surroundings into the song. A self-confessed night owl Laura is no stranger to going for walks in the morning with her guitar, finding a sense of restlessness.

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