Echo Children


Echo Children

Echo Children are a band of foreigners formed in the great South Pacific melting pot of Auckland in late 2015. Writing songs about life, love, and the end of the world, their layers of vocal harmonies build on resonating electric guitar and driving percussion to create a gritty, alternative, indie-folk sound. 

Originally coming together as a team of four singer-guitarists with a folky inevitability, they have evolved over time to incorporate influences wide enough to accommodate fifties pop and melodic death metal. The resulting line-up looks like Oliver Young (vocals and guitar) from Scotland, Amanda Larsson (bass and vocals), of Sweden, Daniel Armstrong (vocals and guitar), from the UK, and Niamh O’Flynn (percussion and vocals), from Canada.

After honing their style and building a dedicated fanbase on the Auckland live music scene, the band took the somewhat unusual decision to record a fully analogue E.P., feeling that it more authentically captured their sound.

Together with analogue sound guru, Darren McShane of Earwig Studios, the band have pulled together six songs that blend folk, indie and alternative influences into a unique style that channels the likes of Fleet Foxes and Fleetwood Mac.

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