Diamond Field creates “21st Century ‘80s Music” — original electronic music evoking the sounds of the 1980s, combined with today’s production techniques.

Diamond Field is making a name for itself as part of the emerging ‘synthwave’ scene which took off after the success of the movie “Drive” In 2011.

Based in New York City, Diamond Field is fronted by songwriter/producer Andy Diamond. However, this is not just a solo project, involving collaborations with other artists and guest vocalists. This gives each song a unique angle while still retaining the Diamond Field “sound”.

Diamond Field has released two singles – 2015’s ‘This City’ featuring Matthew Ruys and ‘Neon Summer’ featuring Nina Yasmineh (which was voted one of the “Top 10 synthpop song of 2014” by leading synthwave blog Synthetix.FM).

Aside from originals, Diamond Field also remixes other artists’ work and has contributed to several compilation albums including Retro Promenade’s Bandcamp-topping “Twin Peaks” tribute series. Junica, Delete Delete, Little Bark, Phantom Ride and Dream Shore have all recently received the Diamond Field remix treatment, giving their original songs an new ‘80s twist.

Currently Diamond Field is working on an album due for release in late 2016.

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