Auckland based Descendants of Dinosaurs is a new band comprised of old friends. They first played together years ago, took a break, moved away, went off and lived their lives. Now, in 2019, they’re back and recently completed recording their debut EP while solidifying their fourth member.

DoD is Bryan Edgar (vocals and guitar), Steve Abplanalp (guitar and vocals), Scott Cortese (drums and percussion ) and the newest member Ai Dulieu (bass guitar) - between them, they’ve covered diverse musical ground, ranging from Push Push (Scott and Steve) to Jungle Fungus (Bryan) and Sleepwalk Skeletons (Ai). Their sound is a marriage of pop and rock, funk and folk, reflective of their eclectic influences which includes everything from the Rolling Stones to Flock of Seagulls, David Bowie to The Cars, the Beatles to Soundgarden. They recorded their debut EP at The Depot in Devonport with Sound Engineer, Dave Rhodes and The Lab with Oliver Harmer. Says Rhodes: “I’ve recorded Descendants of Dinosaurs a number of times and it’s always fun to have them in the studio. They have a solid vision for their sound but are always keen to try new ideas and find the best ways to maximise the impact of their song-writing. They also put on a great live show and I'm looking forward to getting them back in the studio to capture more of that live energy again soon!”

According to the band, “The name Descendants of Dinosaurs is a way of acknowledging all the musicians that came before us. Most of the music you hear today has its roots somewhere in what was being created all those years ago. We would be nothing without artists like Elvis, The Beatles, Billy Holiday, Janis Joplin, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Led Zep....too many to mention. We owe everything to these people.”