DateMonthYear makes music that combines rock dynamics, cinematic atmospherics and pop melodies.

DateMonthYear has been operating since 2003 and has released four independent CDs to date. Many DateMonthYear songs have been licensed around the world for television, film and advertising.

In the past DateMonthYear has performed live in a number of places, including shows with the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra in 2008 at the Hamilton gardens festival to over 9,000 people.

DateMonthYear also composed and performed live the soundtrack for the production of Arthur Scnitzler's play ‘La Ronde” in 2006.

Over the last year the current line up of Trevor Faville, Brooke Baker, Tyler Leet and Emma Koretz has been working on new material with a new album currently in the making.

In May 2014 DateMonthYear released River - an epic guitar instrumental written in collaboration with Jason Lurman from Hamilton guitar band Sora Shima.

DateMonthYear can operate as a full electric experience or as an acoustic ensemble.

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